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Support First Pres and Mission

In order to support our church in these difficult times, please remember that there are several easy ways for you to continue to send your pledge giving and other contributions to support First Pres's mission. 

· Mail a personal check to your church.

· Schedule a payment through your bank’s online payment service, which can be a one-time payment or set up as recurring payments.  Your bank will mail a check directly to the church, and there is usually no charge for this service.

· Give online through our church’s website.

. First Pres Giving Mobile App - Quickly and easily give to First Pres via a smartphone. You can set up recurring or one-time donations. Choose whether to log in or donate as a guest. Securely and conveniently manage your donations using TouchID, PIN, or password. GivePlus is hosted by the Presbyterian Foundation. GooglePlay ASppleApps

Thank you so much for your continued support of First Pres and its various missions and ministries!

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