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Dear Friends,

New York schools have officially been closed for the rest of the year. While this is necessary, it’s really sad for our kids, especially our graduating seniors and really difficult for parents and families. Covid-19 has taken over everything. Home life, shopping, work. Turn on the local TV station – coronavirus. Turn on a news channel – coronavirus. I used to watch ESPN to avoid the real news, but now – coronavirus. Sometimes it feels like the only thing that is going on is the coronavirus. Coronavirus consumes our lives.

But the reality is that the world turns and life carries on. Good and bad, love and loss, our lives continue. And while we have lost so much, if we really look we can see abundant life all around us. I’ve seen members of this church reaching out to one another, trying to find ways to help and encourage one another. I’ve reached out to friends I haven’t heard from in years. And new ways of doing church are emerging all the time. I’m not trying to diminish the feelings of loss, loneliness, and uncertainty that we all are feeling. I just needed a reminder today, when school has been officially closed, that there is good all around me if I just open my eyes.

I pray you are able to see God’s love in your life, and that you can show God’s love in some small way.

I know that we will be together again. It might not be exactly the way it used to be, but it will be good. So be patient and take care of yourself. I love you and miss you. And if you need to talk, please give me call. I’d love to hear from you.

All loving Creator, whose care for us is unfailing, use us to show others how you can bring good from evil and joy from suffering.  May our faith in the coming resurrection give us the compassion and courage we need to bring Christ’s love to the world. Be with those who are sick, isolated, or fearful. Strengthen them with your love.  Amen

Unafraid Talk 5: Pastor Adam and I recorded a conversation we had around the fourth video of a series called “Unafraid.” You can watch our discussion on YouTube and continue the conversation by leaving your comments and questions. Here’s the link:

SLY PYG Youth Sunday: St Luke’s Youth and 1st Pres Youth Group have joined together for worship. With the story of the Road to Emmaus as the central story the youth group leads us in worship. It’s really good and fun too. Here’s the link:

SHINE Small Groups on Zoom – Thursdays at 6:00pm

Desmond Tutu tells us that we are all light bulbs, but we don’t shine unless we are plugged in. What would your life and faith look like if you plugged in every day? For more information here’s the link to a video introduction:

If you are interested call Pastor Bob


+The church office hours: 10:00-1:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

(Closed Monday and Friday)

+If you would like to talk with me or need help in any way, I am in the office

(487-1984) during office hours or you can reach me on my cell phone (499-7217)

+Drive-in Worship 10:00 am

+Come to church. Park and stay in your car. Tune your car stereo to 90.7

+Video Worship 10:30 am. Live Streaming at

+The bulletin for Sunday is included in this email as an attachment.

+ For worship you will need a stone, a candle, and little something to eat and drink. This Sunday we will include communion.

Peace,  Pastor Bob

*May 5th Bulletin

More info Stay Connected

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