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Cherish Your Connections

Dear Friends,

I had never heard of ZOOM before the coronavirus outbreak. For those of you who don’t know what ZOOM is, it is an online video conferencing platform. With ZOOM groups are easily able to meet “face to face.” It is has been an amazing tool for individuals, families, organization, and communities trying to stay in touch and coordinate their lives together. So I’ve been in on a lot of ZOOM meetings over the last couple of weeks; with members, and area clergy, and community leaders, and presbytery representatives.

While I find it really remarkable to be able to connect with people in this time of crisis and social distancing and over great distances, I do miss the contact, the being in a room with others. I miss really seeing them. And I miss you. I miss seeing you. I even miss your hugs. What I’ve realized in this time is that while the stuff we do is important and can impact the world for good, the really important stuff is the connection we feel to one another by doing and being together.

I know that we will be together again. So be patient and take care of yourself. I love you and miss you. And if you need to talk, please give me call. I’d love to hear from you.

All loving Creator, whose care for us is unfailing, use us to show others how you can bring good from evil and joy from suffering.  May our faith in the coming resurrection give us the compassion and courage we need to bring Christ’s love to the world. Be with those who are sick, isolated, or fearful. Strengthen them with your love.  Amen

Unafraid Talk 2: Pastor Adam and I recorded a conversation we had around the second video of a series called “Unafraid.” You can watch our discussion on YouTube and continue the conversation by leaving your comments and questions. Here’s the link:

#2 Unafraid Pastor Bob and Adam

Listen in, like a fly on the wall, as Pastors Bob and Adam discuss fear, the media, politics, and encountering "the other."


+The church office hours: 10:00-1:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

(Closed Monday and Friday)

+If you would like to talk with me or need help in any way, I am in the office

(487-1984) during office hours or you can reach me on my cell phone (499-7217)

+Drive-in Worship 10:00 am with communion

+Come to church. Park and stay in your car. Tune your car stereo to 90.7

+For communion bring your own bread and juice and share communion in your car with your church family

+Video Worship 10:30 am. Live Streaming at

+The bulletin for Sunday is included in this email as an attachment.

New Announcement:

+Good Friday (April 10) Drive-in Worship 7:30 pm.

Peace,  Pastor Bob

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