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Be Transformed and Create Something New

Dear Friends,

Today Eleanor came downstairs and said, “I woke up and thought it was Christmas.” I replied, “Yeah, we’ve decided to repeat Christmas and try 2020 all over again.” Don’t you wish we could go back and begin 2020 again? Or maybe there is another time in your life you would take a do-over? I think that must be the way Peter, Judas, Mary and the rest of the disciples were feeling. “Let’s go back to the beginning. We promise we will get it right if we just get another chance.” But the nightmare of Jesus’ crucifixion continued and then life carried on… Until everything changed. That’s the thing we as Christians believe, even the worst can be transformed and new life is discovered. Where are you noticing something new happening in the midst of this crazy, horrible time? We can’t restart 2020, but maybe we can be transformed and create something new.

I am including a link to a youtube video of a song I’ve listened to on repeat every Good Friday for years now. The song is  THE BALLAD OF MARY MAGDALEN. By Cry Cry Cry. It speaks well to the feelings of sorrow and loneliness and ‘I wish things were different we are all feeling. › watch.

All loving Creator, whose care for us is unfailing, use us to show others how you can bring good from evil and joy from suffering.  May our faith in the coming resurrection give us the compassion and courage we need to bring Christ’s love to the world. Be with those who are sick, isolated, or fearful. Strengthen them with your love.  Amen

Unafraid Talk 3: Pastor Adam and I took a break from recording our conversation around the series called “Unafraid” during Holy Week. We will return next week. You can watch Talks 1 and 2 on YouTube and continue the conversation by leaving your comments and questions. Here’s the link:


+The church office hours: 10:00-1:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

(Closed Monday and Friday)

+If you would like to talk with me or need help in any way, I am in the office

(487-1984) during office hours or you can reach me on my cell phone (499-7217)

+Video Good Friday (today), 6:30 pm Live Streaming at

+Drive-in Good Friday (today) 7:30 pm at the Spring Street Parking Lot.

+Drive-in Easter Worship 10:00 am with communion

+Come to church. Park and stay in your car. Tune your car stereo to 90.7

+Don’t forget to decorate your car for the Easter Car Parade.

+Video Worship 10:30 am. Live Streaming at

+The bulletin for Friday and Sunday are included in this email as an attachment.

Peace,  Pastor Bob

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